We are an impartial and independent "Market Access" and "Business Development" firm, branch of Swiss Approval International, specialised in the Health Care and Life Science Business.

We help clients to realise business opportunities worldwide for their Health Care Technologies, Products and Services.

We collaborate with them, to face some of their business challenges, by sharing deep insights, analysing thoroughly market fundamentals, and developing and executing innovative strategies, which prove value to multiple stakeholders across different business settings.

We aspire to maximise "Patient Access" to such technologies, products and services, and thus keep both, our clients and their clients as well, meeting their business potential and objectives.

What We Do

Respecting the principles of Non Conflict of Interest, Confidentiality and Integrity of services, we are specialised in the Health Care and Life Science Business, acting as an Impartial and Independent "Market Access", "Business Development" and "Auditing" Firm.

We help our clients to realise business opportunities worldwide, for their Health Care Technologies, Products and Services. We collaborate with them, to face some of their business challenges, by sharing deep insights, analysing thoroughly market fundamentals, and developing and executing innovative strategies, which prove value to multiple stakeholders, across different business settings. We aspire to maximise Patient Access to such technologies, products and services, and thus keep both, our clients and their clients as well, meeting their business potential and objectives. We partner with business executives to deal with their highest-stakes strategic decisions, and with their business teams to undertake all analytical and related work and data needed to support internal and external decision making. We have a deep understanding of the complexities of each technology and disease state, and we view them from the client's perspective within the entire health care ecosystem.

We are an impartial and independent boutique firm, but as a result of our business philosophy, deep knowledge, multisectoral and international expertise, we dig deep, we see broad, we feel global, we think different, and we reach further.

Whilst we are based in the heart of Europe, we have an international network of collaborating experts and hence we are globally local. This enables us to provide our clients with innovative perspectives and actionable insights, which help them make more confident strategic business decisions, which then can be driven locally to capitalise on their growth potential. We work with global, regional and local country teams.

With focus in Health Care and Life Sciences Companies, we undertake strategic and operation work in the areas of:

Market Access.

Pricing & Reimbursement.

Health Technology Assessment.

Evidence Synthesis.

Health Economic and Outcomes Research.

Analytics and Evidence Generation.

Business Development and Commercialisation.

Market Research and Surveys.

Policy, Advocacy & Communication.

Audit and Conformity Assessment for products and processes.

Our Purpose

We are proud to be part of an industry, that is pushing the boundaries of science and technology to improve the outcomes of human care and lives across the globe, in diverge economic, ethnic, social and disease setting.

Our role is to help our clients identify unique insights, generate new ideas and drive meaningful actions to offer greater value and to get the most out of their portfolios and teams. Value identification is done through an understanding of the current and future clinical, competitive, and reimbursement landscape, assessment of unmet needs, and identification of key attributes that will drive product value. Value creation is done through development of target product profiles and data generation programs designed to gain optimal access at targeted prices.

We understand the complex interactions of patients, physicians, payers, healthcare institutions, and regulators. We have an ability to rigorously structure strategic problems, and to apply robust quantitative analytics and effective synthesis across scientific, clinical, and business disciplines to deliver solutions.

How We Work

We rely on deep insights, long experience, creative thinking, and robust research, to deliver quality work on time, on budget, in line with client expectations and business objectives.

We invest upon building lasting partnerships, by providing an exceptional service, which relies on mutual principles, respect, focus, and close collaboration.

We envisage to be a community of exceptional people, constantly challenging themselves, to make outstanding and innovative contributions that deliver a meaningful impact. Due to our experience and solid health care and life science focus and existing networks, we are efficient and can undertake work on a global basis.

We are characterised by a unique blend of concept and theory with pragmatic, bottom-line driven, and data-tested analytical methodologies. We are making a significant investment in understanding our client needs, and we engage actively and closely with them to provide insightful and innovative solutions.

We rely on face to face meetings, workshops, active engagement and close collaboration with our clients, to deliver unsurpassed services. We provide tailor made solutions.

We do not deliver work that simply fits our capabilities. We listen to client needs, help form hypotheses and shape lines of inquiry, and tailor our comprehensive set of tools, techniques and expertise, to appropriately assemble data, analyze and interpret findings to form the basis of our recommendations. We deliver customized, deep, data-driven recommendations, that take into account relevant risks, opportunities, and trends to inform client goal achievement.

Our Team

We are a TEAM with careers in Life Science firms, Health Care providers, Government, Payers, International Organisations, Economics & Statistics, Auditing firms and Academia. We have done multiple assignments in different Countries and for different clients and therapy areas.

We have served Health Care from many different perspectives. Beyond experience, we have a strong academic and analytical background and a potent shared passion for innovation, differentiation, creativity, excellence, customer focus, and business impact.

By our DNA’s nature, we constantly challenging conventional thinking and seeking fresh ideas, based on grounded reasoning infused with imagination. We constantly challenge ourselves as a group to anticipate our client needs. We develop integrated thinking by engaging key team members in effective dialogue with global, regional, and local affiliate staff of our clients. We designed with them integrated solutions, and then one of our team member works closely with them as their advisory.

We have systemic thinking into business, giving emphasis first in developing deep strategic insights, undertaking in depth analysis, developing thoughtful and intelligent strategies and plans, building infrastructure and operations, building external networks, preparing evidence based on robust research methods, presenting it with cutting edge solutions to demonstrate value, and executing strategy effectively.

Our team brings a unique combination of skills that allow us to optimize complex processes and use advanced analytical methods to inform decision making, which is especially important for an industry, as complex and nuanced, as the Life Science industry.

Our Clients

Our clients are multiple, and coming from across the Health Care and Life Science sector.

We work with bio-pharmaceutical, generics and bio-similar companies, medical devices, diagnostic service and medical equipment firms, of different size, location and asset portfolio. We are also working with health laboratory and hospital care providers and firms with health-related agenda from the alcohol, tobacco, and food sectors. We also work with Governmental agencies and Public or private payers, as well as medical associations, advocacy groups and Non-Governmental organisations.

We work with companies, such franchise, brand, regional offices, and the majority of our business is from repeat, satisfied customers. We are undertaking global as well as local work in any country. We have done work across therapy areas and product life cycle. We provide to our clients strategic and tactical insights to address complex business questions they confront worldwide. Our depth and breadth of functional and industry-specific expertise, combined with our local networks gives us wide reach and enables us to address a wide variety of challenges.



We are flexible, and we can come in, at an early stage of product development. Swiss Approval Health care and Medical Technology Assessment guides clients through the whole process, and customise works at affiliate level, anywhere on Globe, and we can address one-off problems.

We excel in understanding the interdependence between: Development, Regulatory Approval, Pricing, Reimbursement, and Commercialisation.

During early development we assist our clients in assessing future technological developments, mapping the competitive landscape, and determining the optimal placement within the future market based on likely clinical attributes.

In late stage development and launch, we partner with our clients to build a detailed picture of the competitive landscape at launch to assess optimal positioning, determine key patient and provider stakeholders, and product uptake and revenue.

Post-launch, we focus on opportunities for driving continued growth through identification of new market segments, as well as the strategic indication expansion, complementary to the existing portfolio.

  • Landscaping: Early pricing landscaping. Early market access landscaping. Early stakeholder mapping.
  • Analysis: Early pricing research. Early competition benchmarking. Early assesmet of unmet needs. Early economic modelling. Early stakeholder research. Due diligence assessments. Portfolio and product analysis.
  • Strategy & Planning: Early value proposition. Early pricing strategy. Early market access strategy. Evidence generation & synthesis strategy. Portfolio and in-licencing strategy
  • Actions: Early payer engagement. Early policy and advocacy. Input into clinical program. Input into target product profile. PRO development and use. Publication planning.
  • Landscaping: Full pricing landscaping. Full market access landscaping. Full stakeholder mapping.
  • Analysis: Full pricing research. Full competition bench-marking. Full assessment of unmet needs. Full stakeholder research. Value proposition testing. Due diligence assessments. Portfolio and product analysis. Risk mitigation analysis.
  • Strategy & Planning: Define value proposition. Define pricing strategy. Define market access strategy. Define evidence strategy. Define engagement strategy. Affiliate customisation strategy. Managed entry agreement scenarios. Communication tool planning. Operations planning. Early access programs planning. Portfolio strategy.
  • Actions: Evidence generation studies. Real world data studies. Evidence synthesis studies. Economic modelling studies. Patient Outcomes, Preference, Experience studies. Engagement & communication. Policy and advocacy. Market conditioning. Local customisation studies. Publications and congresses.
  • Actions: Evidence synthesis. Global Value Dossiers. Global formulary dossiers. Local dossier development. Affiliate sequencing and coordination. P&R, HTA, Access negotiations. Intelligent payer contracting. Engagement & communication. Policy and advocacy. Additional evidence generation. Affiliate training and support . Internal PR,HTA,MA capabilities. Evidence generation activities. Publications and congresses. Economic model extensions. Early access programs. Communication tools.
  • Landscaping: Pricing landscaping. Market access landscaping.
  • Analysis: Competition tactics Stakeholder research. Horizon scanning. Value proposition testing. Due diligence assessments. Portfolio and product analysis. Risk mitigation analysis Business growth opportunities.
  • Strategy & Planning: Refine value proposition. Post launch evidence strategy. Post launch engagement strategy. New agreement scenarios.
  • Actions: Defend price. Defend access place. Generate new evidence. Pursue growth opportunities. Discounting and contracting. Intelligent tendering. Policy and communication. Reputation management. Education and Publications. Conferences and training. Life cycle management. Portfolio management.

Values & Principles

Our Guiding Values and Principles, guarantee safe Access to Robust Intelligence, Analytical Rigor and Evidence Based Approach, High Integrity Collaborative Relationships, Integrated and Holistic Solutions, Innovate, Create Value, in Efficient Manner.

We Establish Strong and Respected Relationships with Stakeholders.

Have Access to Robust Intelligence.

Robust, timely, information is paramount for business planning. We rely on an extensive network of contacts and resources to collect information reflecting future market dynamics, competition practices, regulator, payer and technology assessment policies and stakeholder thinking and unmet needs. Intelligence, data, information is the fuel for business success.

Have Analytical Rigor and Evidence Based Approach.

Robust analytics inform our recommendations. We analyse qualitative and quantitative data with rigor. We review own and others’ previous methods and findings. We do not take data at face value. We test and triangulate every analysis to validity and reliability. We use hevretics and intuition to provide meaningful analyses. We do not analyse for the sake it. We keep it simple. We publish at top level peer review journals. We apply quality metrics and use quality referees.

Have Business Results Orientation.

Advices or deliverables need to have in business impact. Our guiding principle is that that internal decisions we based on our input or tactical deliverables used to support external decision need to generate tangible results. We do not deliver unrealistic, ungrounded and fancy ideas and deliverables. We only recommend actions that we would personally support and deliverables we would rely upon if we were in the shoes of our clients. We follow on projects and their impacts.

Develop High Integrity Collaborative Relationships

We strive to provide value through trusted relations and collaboration. We engage with clients at senior level throughout a project. We work closely and co-develop ideas in workshops. We are honest and tell what we truly believe, not what is nice to hear or politically correct. We are listening passively, we try to understand, and then to persuade and to get buy in rather than to push our thinking and recommendations.

We Provide Integrated and Holistic Solutions.

We integrate our work in the broader perspective. We align our proposals and solution offerings to the overall strategy, positioning, timelines, and principles of our clients. When we undertake multi modular project we make sure that our team and work is aligned internal and with the client. We are small, flexible and focused, but think the bigger picture and offer multiple service line integrated solutions. We have a single point of reference acting as a liaison and advocate of clients.

We Innovate, Create Value, in Efficient Manner.

We try to respond fast, be smart, and improve past practices in moving markets. The health care landscape transforms rapidly. Based on our deep industry knowledge and functional expertise we respond timely to customer needs in a with a fast-moving environment. In a competitive and complex environment, aspire to innovate our thinking so that our clients they provide value to theirs. Every case is different and every project we deliver custom-tailored to yield the strongest possible impact.

We Establish Strong and Respected Relationships with Stakeholders.

Analysis and strategy are two pillars of success but worth nothing without implementation. Health care and life science is a people business. Decision makers, policy makers, key opinion leaders, patient representatives, in various agencies and parts of the system are making data driven subjective judgments on the value of technology products. It is important to maintain corridors of communication that give opportunities to understand their needs and thinking and to test and get support for new ideas and solutions. This process facilitates more effective understanding of the value and endorsement of am innovation. Respect and thought leadership implies that works are highly perceived by decision makers and are not challenged.

Code of Ethics of Swiss Approval Personnel

Swiss Approval Health Care and Technology Assessment personnel, involved in Service Delivery as well as Auditing and Conformity Assessment activities, applies and follows the Principles and Policies of Commitment, Integrity, Non conflict of interest, Confidentiality and Data Security, Impartiality and Non Discrimination Policy.